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Warehousing in COVID Times

Operational Resilience and Recovery in the New Normal


Date recorded: August 19, 2020
Host: Cybage
Duration: 60 minutes

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This pandemic has impacted globally and everyone is dealing with it at different levels of severity. While there is a surge in demand for essential goods, there is also pent-up demand waiting to be released for semi-essential and regular consumption categories. Both of these are creating operational challenges for organizations worldwide to streamline their supply chains to secure immediate operation.

Warehousing which is a critical component of logistics, has a multitude of challenges under the current pandemic situation. Contactless operations, need for better prediction models and effective last mile delivery reach are key concerns. Technology certainly has a role to play as the Logistics industry is getting used to the New Normal.

Now, a few months into dealing with this crisis, the question being asked is:

How can companies respond to their warehousing needs in these tough times?

Learn more from the Industry Leaders as they discuss the path to recovery.




Randy Brown

Sr. Vice President, Warehousing & Logistics
Binzagr Co.

Jamie Sterling

Director, International Sales
Körber Supply Chain Software

Jill Yan Jiang

Product Manager, Warehousing, Distribution, Technology
LP -Sachin deshmukh

Sachin Deshmukh

Vice President, APAC
Cybage (Host)